When you’re talking about the best vacuum cleaners for your home, you should really take a look at the PowerEdge model, made by Bissell. It’s dirt cheap at around $50, and it one of the best reviewed vacuums on Amazon.com. We tested it out, and found it to be a great bang for your buck.


The Bissell PowerEdge vacuum has a V shaped design head that moves larger dust bunnies toward the center suction head, as the ends of the V shaped design capture the smaller particles. This vacuum has a nice rubber lip that can especially pick up all kinds of dog and cat hair with its well performing suction power. The PowerEdge is also built to be light and easy, meaning you can pick it up and move it around from room to room, no issues whatsoever.


Amazon reviewers absolutely love this vacuum — at the time of writing, over 2,000 (!) people decided to leave a review on the site, which is incredible. Customers loved that the PowerEdge has great suction power for its size, and the unique, V shaped head that specialized in picking up pet hair and to be worked around furniture. Amazon reviewers also loved this unit’s lightweight design, as you can easily move it from room to room; they also mentioned the dirt cup, which you can empty quite easily. Know what else is great about this product? It will cost you about just $50! That’s incredible value for a vacuum of this quality.


Now, for a $50 vacuum, you can be sure that are some drawbacks here. Mostly, it’s a somewhat cheaply made unit, which is kind of to be expected at this price point. We’re not sure how many years this unit would last you. Also, it’s noteworthy that this unit does not ship with any attachments.

So there you have it, our review of the Bissell PowerEdge vacuum.